Attention to Detail

interiorpic22Painting the interiors of homes, condominiums and offices calls for a unique set of skills by the interior painter. We excel at painting interiors because we offer Seattle residents all of the necessary requirements to successfully complete your project.

At Queen Anne Painting, you can expect our craftspeople to manage every detail of your project.

  • All of our employees must pass a complete background check and are drug tested. This insures we have safe, reliable crews.  You can have confidence in our painters when they come into your home or business.
  • We will provide a written contract, and schedule your crew leader to walk-through it with you at the beginning of your job to confirm the details and ensure that we start off on the right foot.  Your work will be done exactly as contracted and as scheduled.
  • Good systems and planning result in smoother jobs and better results, it’s The Queen Anne Way!

We understand – having worked in literally thousands of homes, condos and offices over nearly 40 years – the importance of maintaining a schedule and minimizing the impact to surrounding areas.

  • All of our vans are organized, and well stocked with the supplies and tools for less starting and stopping.
  • With over 12 crews we have the ability to devote a crew to your job, so they stay on your project from start to finish. This means your job is completed faster and with the least possible amount of disruption.
  • Our attention to detail and thorough preparation provide the best results.
  • We are experts at dust barrier protection and employ a variety of materials, such as low-odor, low-VOC paints, so you can live in your home, or work in your office while we paint; and, we clean-up as we go along and completely at the end of the job.
  • We have in-house wall and ceiling repair craftsmen and a staff of professional carpenters so you can use one contractor to complete your project. This can save you time, effort and the hassle of scheduling different companies.

“The job…looks brilliant. Alex and crew were working in our home for over two weeks. My wife and I work out of the house so they became constant companions with us for the whole time. We really appreciated their level of courtesy and professionalism. They were extremely respectful of our home and our presence while they worked. We’d be glad to have them back again.” – Steve Redmond

You can expect this and more from Queen Anne Painting. Call now and experience The Queen Anne Difference!