As a business owner, you want to save money and make money. You don’t like spending on expenses that you deem unnecessary. You want to come away with a profit, and not constantly be worried about stagnating or being in the red.

All of those reasons are completely understandable. It’s why you probably are thinking that your business either doesn’t need a fresh coat of paint, or when it does, you can handle it yourself. Our commercial painters are here to tell you to think again. Find out why, and instead of picking up that paintbrush, pick up the phone and call us instead.

It wastes time.

You have more than a million things on your plate. Adding painting to the mix is something that you don’t have to take on, and that you could let the professional commercial painters handle for you.

In business, to say that “time is money” is absolutely true. If you’re spending time finding and mixing colors, buying the painting materials, closing up shop (and subsequently, losing business), and spending the next several hours or days trying to get everything done, you’re going to lose out on profits in the process. Since time is money, you can save on both by working with our commercial painting services in Seattle instead.

It probably won’t look as good.

Of course, it’s easy for many to think that painting isn’t hard, it doesn’t take a lot of work or skill, and anyone can do it. It’s true, anyone can paint, but “anyone” can do a lot of things.

If you were getting your car fixed or your cavities filled, you would want to seek the help of a professional. Why not the same for painting?

At Queen Anne Painting, we’ve served the Seattle community with exceptional painting for more than 40 years. You can trust our team to make your building look phenomenal with a fresh coat of paint, and to give it the polished and professional look your business deserves.

It won’t help a local business.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to support other local businesses in the community. If you work with Queen Anne Painting, you’ll be supporting a local business while still getting the best possible paint job in the Seattle area. We’d call that a win-win for everyone!

It likely won’t save you that much money.

Like we said, if you’re having to shut down your business to spend a lot of time painting when our experienced team can move more efficiently, you’re going to lose money. If you end up making a mistake, running out of paint, not liking the color, or not having the proper materials, you’re going to end up spending money anyways. You likely won’t spend all that much more on working with our commercial painters — in some instances, you could very well end up saving.

We think the evidence is pretty clear, but the good news is that if you’re still not convinced, you can always call the Queen Anne Painting team for a free quote! We look forward to getting your call, and thank you for continuing to choose us for commercial painting.