At Queen Anne Painting, we understand how important your deck is to you. Decks are a major investment, a visual focal point and provide an outdoor room from which to enjoy good weather. We offer a wide range of deck refinishing, cleaning, and repair services to help you get the most out of your outdoor living space.

Seattle weather can harm your deck if it’s not maintained. Let us help you by sealing or staining your deck.

In addition to protective coating application, we can perform annual cleanings and apply treatments designed to inhibit the growth of moss and mold. Mold is unsightly and leaves you with a dangerous and slippery surface. And if you leave it long enough, mold will literally eat the stain right off of your deck.

The deck maintenance cycle eventually includes the removal of excessive stain build-up, back down to bare wood, to halt constant peeling. We can remove peeling layers, sand, and restain your deck to restore its appearance to provide longer-lasting protection.

Your deck is important. Don’t ignore it! Take time to place your deck in the care of our experts at Queen Anne Painting. Call now to learn more and for a complimentary deck refinishing ` estimate.