The birds are chirping, the temps are rising, and it can only mean that springtime in Seattle is upon us. With the change in season, many people start to feel the need to shake their house of all that the previous winter brought. We want to say goodbye to our sweaters and winter coats for awhile. We want to get our homes opened up for the warmer weather. And if you know our Seattle painters, we’re all about updating your home’s painting.

There are countless areas of your home that could use a fresh coat of paint, and the painters at Queen Anne Painting are here to tell you where they are and why they need it. Find out more in our blog, and contact Queen Anne Painting for the best in interior and exterior home painting services!

Exterior Home Painting

Painting the exterior of your home is necessary for several reasons. For one thing, it’s a way to boost your home’s curb appeal — a good measure regardless of if you’re wanting to sell in the near future. But updating the paint on your home’s siding or brick is also important for maintaining its integrity. Paint adds a much-needed layer of protection.

If you haven’t painted your home’s exterior in some time, this spring might be the time for a fresh coat. Here’s how to tell if your home is due for a visit from our Seattle painters:

  • Cement fiberboard siding: once every 10-15 years
  • Stucco siding: 5-6 years
  • Wood siding: 3-7 years, or stained about every 4 years
  • Aluminum siding: 5 years
  • Brick: if you choose to paint your brick, it should last 15-20 years

As an important note, putting off exterior painting can make the job even more expensive. If you realize that your house is in need of a fresh coat of paint, be sure to call us and get things scheduled ASAP.

If you’re living in a historic district in Seattle, there’s a good chance that your HOA will inform you on when you’ll need to repaint your house’s exterior. Give us a call when that time comes!

Interior Home Painting

Painting various walls in your home depends on a number of factors. Depending on the use of the room and the natural lighting, some walls might need to be painted every 2-3 years, whereas others can go significantly longer before needing a fresh coat.

Living rooms and dining rooms are areas that are usually more mellow, and as such, don’t take as much of a beating. They can generally go 5-7 years before needing a new interior painting. However, if exposed to lots of sunlight, you’ll likely need to re-up the paint a bit sooner than expected, as the sun will wash out the color.

Kitchen walls can be exposed to everything from hanging pots and pans to heat and steam and smoke, to splattered sauces and oils. Expect to paint your kitchen every 3-4 years.

The same can be said for bathrooms, where water vapor and moisture impacts the integrity of the wall’s paint. That’s why there are more durable paints that are specifically used for painting bathrooms. If your bathroom hasn’t been painted in the last 3-4 years, this spring is a great time to do it — and, as always, our Seattle painters are here to help.

Deck Refinishing

No one wants to avoid hanging out on their deck this summer because it’s looking shabby. The deck refinishing services at Queen Anne Painting can make your deck the centerpiece of the season, and ready for the warmer months ahead!

We remove excessive stain build up, strip your deck down to its bare wood, and provide thorough sanding and restaining to not only look great, but provide better protection. Especially in Seattle where high precipitation is expected, your deck takes quite the beating. Use this spring as the perfect time to get your deck ready for summer.

Pressure Washing

In addition to painting services, we also offer pressure washing! This is an excellent way to rid your home’s exterior of some buildup — such as tree sap or animal/bird droppings — while also preventing future problems — such as mildew or mold — from occurring.

When houses or decks aren’t in pristine condition on the outside, it can attract some unfriendly neighbors (i.e. animals) that want to make your home their own. This leads to lots of potential damage and problems that are costly to fix. Take the preventative approach and contact Queen Anne Painting to get the best pressure washing in Seattle.

Spring is a wonderful time to start anew, and your house feels the same way. Our Seattle painters at Queen Anne Painting can make your home look amazing and last for years to come, from the inside out. Get a free quote with our painting team today, and Happy Spring!