It can be difficult to know how to paint a bedroom. There are so many colors to choose, and yet, most people are stuck with the question, “Should you paint the doors the same color as the walls?” Because our interior painting crew are the experts near you, we’re going to give you some simple answers that can get you well on your way to a newly painted and charismatic room.

There are plenty of homeowners who overlook the interior doors in each room, especially when they shouldn’t be. Interior doors can be painted or left alone to make a decorative statement; however, it is not always required to paint the interior doors of a room a different color in order to stand out from the wall. In fact,Seattle's finest interior door painting crew. many doors are molded specifically to show impressive details with delicate architectures, and still, that doesn’t mean that these interior doors are trying to make a bold, jumping-off-the-walls statement. It’s important to understand that a door painted the same color as the interior wall may catch the attention of visitors. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to enhance the room’s atmosphere by matching the colors to bring the entire room together.

If you’re looking to immediately grab the attention of guests, we recommend painting the interior door a contrasting color. For example, if you painted the wall orange or white, choose to paint the door a bright blue. However, it’s important to understand that doing this can make a small room appear a bit smaller.

To get a sleek appearance, paint the trim of the door the same color of the wall. You may choose to leave the door untouched or paint it a different shade of the color used for the walls. When choosing the type of paint, we suggest using a semi-gloss paint to show presence. Plus, if the door you painted is going to get a lot of use, note that semi-gloss and high-gloss paints are easier to clean rather than flat paint.

To give your dual doors personality, opt for painting the doors different colors on each side. Choose a color that compliments the inside of the room the best, and paint the inside facing part of the doors a color that matches well. Same goes for the outside facing door and the outside room. When choosing which color paint you’d like to use on the borders of the door, take note on which way the doors open. If the doors open towards the inside of the room, you’ll want to paint the borders the color you chose for the inside facing doors. If the doors swing to the outside, you’ll want to paint the borders of the door the same color as the outward door color.

Regardless of what you choose, colors that complement rooms well, no matter what color they are, include neutral colors such as beige, white and gray. Learn more from the interior painting crew in Seattle at Queen Anne Painting today!